Suraksha Naturals Understands The Importance of Ecommerce In Today’s Health and Wellness Marketplace

Suraksha Naturals Understands The Importance of Ecommerce In Today’s Health and Wellness Marketplace

The world of e-commerce has become an indispensable tool for the modern-day health and wellness market, and Suraksha Naturals utilizes the entire scope of the online platforms to make their supplements available to more customers. Online sales of vitamins and supplements have remained stable as more people turn to e-commerce to meet their supplemental nutrition needs. Since Americans are cautious about in-person shopping during these unforeseen times, many retailers have seen a decline in in-store sales over the last few months.

Over the past five years, the online supplement market has experienced continued growth, and projections indicate that within the years to come, e-commerce will make up an even larger portion of the market. Online vitamin and supplement sales in the United States pull in $18.3 billion, and the market is expected to grow by 20%.

Selling through is a smart and necessary move, as the online retail giant is predicted to double their e-commerce sales from $15 billion in 2018 to nearly $38 billion by the end of 2020.

Suraksha Naturals uses their knowledge of the health and nutrition market to insert their products into some of the largest online retailers in the United States today, selling through online giants such as and  Keto products have been a top seller within’s online nutrition market, with total sales of Keto products nearing $13 billion for 2020 throughout the United States.

Suraksha’s specialty product line, Keto-Veyda has been an instant hit online, with products ranging from the familiar, like Suraksha’s MCT oil capsules and sprayable B12 vitamins, to more specific products like their Kidney Support herbal supplements, that seek to fill in the gaps where Keto leaves off.

Products from Suraksha’s Keto-Veyda line are already available for purchase through, and the company has plans to continue its expansion throughout the year, with the promise of products for sale online and in stores across the United States.
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Today, over 75% of all supplement sales in the United States are made through
As Suraksha continues to grow its business both in the U.S. and abroad, having its products for sale through Amazon offers the credentials of customer reviews and ratings, as well as a streamlined customer purchasing process. Suraksha has been met with a host of positive feedback from the health and wellness industry for the creation of products that specifically work in tandem with a Keto lifestyle.

Understanding the world of e-commerce has become more important than ever before in the health and wellness industry. Suraksha’s long-standing industry knowledge has prepared them to continue their upward growth trend while shifting to a web-based sales platform; the next evolution of the nutrition world.