How MCT Oil Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

How MCT Oil Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

What is MCT Oil?

Coconut oil is the most common source for commercially-used MCT oil because more than half of the fat in coconut oil comes from MCTs, but MCT oil is present in other types of food, as well.

The “MCT” in MCT Oil stands for “medium-chain triglyceride”; a compound made of medium-chain fatty acids.

MCT oil became a popular health supplement among people on a keto diet because of the way that MCTs are quickly digested and absorbed.

Keeping Keto with MCT Oil( Coconut source)

Of all of its keto-friendly supplements, Suraksha says its MCT oil capsules (Coconut source) is a top seller.

Keto diets work by eliminating carbohydrates, the starch and sugar that usually gives the body energy, forcing the body to burn fat for energy instead, this is called ketosis.

Eating keto has become an important tool for many people trying to get their health back on track, but without the high fiber and carbs,  fruits and vegetables provide, some people may find they need to supplement to get key nutrients.

MCT oil can help people on a keto diet maintain their state of ketosis – when the body is no longer running on carbohydrates and has switched to burning stored fats. It can take time for many types of fat to become available to use as fuel, but not MCT oil.

MCT Oil Is Good For Your Gut (Intestine)

MCT oil is immediately absorbed, so the body experiences a quick boost in energy. For this reason, many people use MCT oil before a workout. Not only does it provide energy to the body, but it crosses blood-brain barrier, providing a boost of energy to the brain. MCT oil is also good for the stomach, supporting a healthy microbiome.

The microbiome is another name for the delicate environment of healthy gut bacteria living in the human stomach and digestive tract. Maintaining a healthy microbiome is an integral part of not only fitness health, but overall wellness, because of the role that gut bacteria play in manufacturing some key hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and estrogen. These hormones are integral for helping the body regulate everything from energy, to mood, to appetite.

MCT Oil Helping Body Work Better

The interconnectedness of all parts of the body and how they work together to achieve a state of health is a defining principle of Ayurvedic practice, and Suraksha incorporates the same principles into the design of its all-natural products. Ayurvedic Medicine believes that the body has an intrinsic tendency towards inner balance, supporting the body’s ability to recover from ailments, illnesses, and maintain health. The Keto-Veyda product line stands out as the first of its kind, combining scientific backing and ancient, proven knowledge.