Suraksha Naturals Is A Hit At ECRM’s Digital Conference

Suraksha Lands New Deals At ECRM

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. – Suraksha Naturals plans to continue their expansion into the United States retail market following a successful appearance at May’s historic ECRM conference. The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) conference normally functions as a large scale, in-person meeting space, where both established and up and coming brands can display their products to some of America’s top retailers.

Suraksha has attended ECRM in the past, and always returned victorious. The health and wellness brand has a knack for making connections and impressing buyers with their unique line of keto-friendly products. However, last month’s conference marked a new approach for ECRM. Due to social distancing protocols, the conference was held entirely online. This tech-heavy, fast-paced model allowed brands to meet with retailers in a video-conference format, quickly jumping from one meeting to the next. With little time to display their products, Suraksha pulled no punches in showing off their best sellers.

Suraksha Naturals creates wellness products that address the body in a holistic way, utilizing Ayurvedic traditions. All products in Suraksha’s Keto-Veyda product line are not only keto-friendly, but these products also seek to fill in the gaps triggered by the keto diet.

In addition to their specialized supplements, targeting the liver or kidneys, for example, Suraksha also developed their own line of sprayable supplements. Sprayable supplements are particularly effective for anyone looking to get the full benefits of vitamins, like B12, but without adding another pill to their daily regimen. Sprayable supplements also increase the rate of absorption of vitamins, meaning that they are better digested, and more likely to nourish the body as intended.

Over the past year, Suraksha has redesigned their packaging, and expanded their reach into the United States e-commerce market, with products for sale on some of the largest e-commerce sites nationwide. But the company has even loftier goals in mind.

Suraksha says their hope is that herbal remedies that are safe, effective, and accessible to everyone become more mainstream in their use, and that more Americans can learn from the value of Ayurvedic practices. In Ayurvedic tradition, ailments within the body are not simply not tended to as a one-time issue, but more so the body is considered as a complete entity, keeping the entire body, from brain to skin, and vital organs, prioritized over finding a “quick cure.”

A major component of Suraksha’s ECRM success has been their well-researched, science-based approach to natural wellness. Suraksha’s products meet the standards for high-quality health products, while also speaking to a niche customer base with extremely specialized demands.

Look for Suraksha’s products available across the United States throughout 2020, both online and in stores.