Suraksha Naturals Is Giving New Life To Sprayable Supplements

Suraksha Naturals’ Keto-Veda Product Line Features Sprayable Herbal Supplements

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. – Sprayable supplements could be the new face of supplemental health. Sprayable supplements are fast-absorbing, easy to use, and have a particular appeal to people who do not prefer taking pills and capsules. But natural health and wellness brand, Suraksha Naturals, takes the trend a step further into the future by incorporating their unique background in Ayurvedic principles into the development of all of their supplement sprays through their Keto-Veyda product line.

Family-owned company Suraksha Naturals has been on the cutting edge of bringing Ayurvedic supplements to the United States retail market. Ayurvedic practice comes from a traditional type of diet and lifestyle based on thousands of years of natural wellness history. Ayurvedic practice is intended to restore and maintain “balance” within the body and mind. Rather than simply treat ailments as they arise, Ayurvedic practices create wellness within the entire body by maintaining a healthy flow of energy. Because different bodies have different needs, Ayurveda teaches that there is no single standardized “Ayurvedic diet,” but rather variations depending on a person’s individual needs.

With this concept in mind, Suraksha Naturals created their Keto-Vedya product line, so that people who are practicing the ketogenic diet can also get the full benefits of natural, Ayurvedic products. Suraksha Naturals has a history of changing the way that their customers look at natural supplements. While sprayable vitamins have only recently grown in popularity, Suraksha Naturals is already putting out an entire lineup of keto-friendly supplements, using only the very best in Ayurvedic herbs.

Sprayable supplements are generally taken sublingually, or under the tongue. Because there are hundreds of blood vessels under the tongue, this is one of the fastest ways to absorb vitamins. But many sprays are simply sprayed into the mouth, the same way a breath spray would work. Suraksha Naturals’ sprays have scored well when it comes to taste, and they encourage their customers to compare the taste of their sprayable supplements with other herbals on the market today.

Currently, one of the most popular sprayable supplements that Suraksha Naturals has to offer is their B12 spray, as well as a sprayable version of the popular antioxidant, Glutathione, in addition to their own special blends for Rejuvenation and Anti Stress Spray.

Supplemental nutrition continues to be one of the fastest-growing health markets, with more than 50% of all Americans taking some type of supplemental vitamins daily, but a large number of people, especially elderly Americans, also report that they have difficulty swallowing pills. More commonly, capsules have to be taken with food in order to easily absorb into the body or the nutrients will be wasted. Sprayable supplements solve this problem by absorbing quickly, with no tough to swallow pills.

Suraksha Naturals’ sprayable supplements are helping to make Ayurvedic products accessible to everyone, regardless of their familiarity or past experience with these types of products. Suraksha Naturals continues to expand their U.S. sales throughout 2020 with products for sale through most major online retailers.