Suraksha Naturals Will Have Their Ketoveyda Product Line Available For Buyers During May’s ECRM Conference

ECRM’s Digital Conference This May Brings New Opportunities For Suraksha Naturals

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. – On May 18th health and wellness brand, Suraksha Naturals will attend the ECRM conference’s completely web-based trade show experience. The Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference is a large-scale networking event ideal for matching established and up-and-coming brands with future retailers. May’s program focus, titled Healthy Living/Vitamin and Nutrition is the ideal opportunity for Suraksha to showcase their totally unique products to some of the country’s largest retailers. Known as an innovator in the supplement industry, Suraksha has performed well at other ECRM events, landing spots with some of the giants of the e-commerce world but this May’s ECRM will be a notable event in the world of business to business retail because the whole of the conference will be conducted entirely online.

Through their participation in ECRM’s virtual conference, Suraksha is able to demonstrate its ability to adapt and change with the ever-changing retail market. As public safety necessitates remote access buyer meetings and product demos, this new platform lends visibility to brands that have a strong grasp of e-commerce literacy. As buying habits change, supplement sales through e-commerce platforms are outperforming brick and mortar sales daily. Throughout 2020, online sales of vitamins and supplements have generated over $18.3 billion in sales revenue, a growth of 17.4% in the last five years, and market predictions indicate that this figure will continue to increase.

Suraksha Naturals has released its Ketoveyda product line for sale across a host of e-commerce platforms over the last year, growing in popularity with their never-before-seen product concepts and natural ingredients. Suraksha has seen success throughout 2019 and 2020 as they debuted their products to United States retailers online, and at trade conferences throughout the country, and now they have landed a partnership with one of America’s most famous e-commerce giants.

Suraksha’s ability to sell not only through their company website, but on multiple online platforms, has helped them succeed in a difficult marketplace. While customers are buying goods from home, availability is key.

Suraksha’s specialty product line, Ketoveyda has been an instant hit with products ranging from the familiar, like Suraksha’s MCT oil capsules and sprayable B12 vitamins, to more specific products like their Kidney Support herbal supplements, that seek to fill in the gaps where Keto diets leave off.

Ayurvedic Medicine is rooted in thousands of years of tradition, designed to restore natural balance within the body. This “balance” is achieved through maintaining the correct energy flow, by eating, drinking, and taking supplements in accordance with one’s own bodily needs.

All bodies have different needs, so Ayurvedic medicine works from a holistic perspective, attending to all aspects of health, both physical and mental. Suraksha’s products not only meet the rigorous standards for quality and pureness to which Ayurvedic products are held, but also go the extra mile by having little or no effect on glycemic intake, making them safe for people on a Keto diet as well.

Keto-friendly products are always a hit with buyers at ECRM, and their virtual show is sure to be no different, which means Suraksha will have ample opportunity to make connections, even remotely. The virtual aspect of May’s ECRM may be the next evolution of professional relationship building, and Suraksha is ready to make the leap into the future of the retail market.