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Suraksha Naturals is a research-based manufacturer of Health and Wellness products. As a leader in our industry, we are helping to create a new social movement towards healthy living. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of product and research quality, proudly utilizing our team of field experts, from inception to creation of all of our products.

Fueled by our competitive spirit, we have been expanding internationally and domestically since our debut in 2003, now providing a host products and services across the globe.


  • Innovation + Tradition = Ketoveyda

An exclusive line of Keto supplements designed with the expertise of traditional Ayurvedic techniques for wellness – “Nourishing Your Lifeforce”

About Ayurvedics

Originating over five thousand years ago, Ayurveda refers to a traditional type of diet, practice, and medical treatments that address the body in a holistic way, meaning they treat the entire body and its overall health, rather than narrowing in on specific ailments as they arise.

Ayurvedic Medicine is used to treat a wide variety of troubles, from emotional stress, to dietary ills, to acute physical ailments. Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine are based in the notion that the body has an intrinsic tendency towards inner balance, and that this balance can be maintained through careful upkeep of the body’s flow of energy. While every human body has their own set of challenges and needs, Ayurveda supports the body’s ability to recover from ailments and illnesses, and maintain health.

Some basic practices of an Ayurvedic diet include eating according to your energy type, or your dosha. Different types of Doshas include, Veta, Pitta, and Kapha. Another tenant is the inclusion of six different “tastes” in every meal, sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent and acrid. The principals of an Ayurvedic diet may sound complex, but the concept is simple – eat with the natural flow of your body’s needs, and include a complexity of flavors and nutrients in each meal. By eating different flavors, satisfying different dietary requirements, the body is kept in a balanced state, and is more reap the nutritional benefits.

While Ayurvedic diets have been around for thousands of years, Suraksha is bringing the practice into the 21st century by asking the question, How can Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies be used in conjunction with a modern Keto diet?

Not only is Suraksha the first in their industry to release this specialized line of products, but the company prides themselves on being one hundred percent based in nutrition science, employing an acclaimed team of research professionals. Suraksha says they are inspired by the deep roots of Ayurveda practices, and they have been proudly expanding their reach both domestically, and internationally since their inception in 2003. As an industry leader in their field, Suraksha has helped drive the global social movement towards healthy living, both at home in India, and abroad.